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Sup! My name is Federica. In this blog you will find Games, Anime and cute things! I hope you enjoy that! Adsadsda

OMG!! OMG!! Eevees Everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -w-

I didn’t sleep very good, so I will say Goodbye at 10’

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It’s true. Please read it, especially girls, it’s really pretty. I’m girl and gamer, It didn’t happened to me, maybe other girls suffer this ;w;

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Can I eat this delicius cake?? ;w;

Kise won “The Cute Award” Everyone know it, Shota boys are best but…….. He is cute, Come on! xD

The Sad End of Evangelion was in 1997……. But now, the Sadest situation is the Arm of Finn in Adventure Time: 2014 ;n;

GO CHARIZARD GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! No one cares that you aren’t a dragon!

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Anyone can’t cosplay that QwQ

-w- I’m not fat

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Is snake surprised?!?! What is going on?? Snake cannot be surprised ¬n¬ This is wrong!!

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